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Hey, all, I've made my first foray into the e-book world. After two decades of working with print books, I've finally succumbed to the digital press and have listed my "On My Mind" book, the best of my early Bryan Times columns, on Amazon for digital download. 

During more than three decades as an editor with The Bryan Times, Don Allison has supplemented his work in news with columns touching on a variety of topics.

Those columns range from hard-hitting pieces on topics in the news, to heartfelt family pieces to humorous takes on life.

Beginning with his earliest days as a columnist, Don's writing has earned recognition from United Press International and the Associated Press.

A collection of Don Allison's weekly On My Mind newspaper columns that appeared in The Bryan Times, choice selections from the early years.

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The Best of On My Mind

Faded Banner Publications

This volumn brings together some of the best columns from the early years of "On My Mind." They are some of Don's favorites, and we hope you enjoy them as well.

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Faded Banner Publications

To be honest, I broke into tears (the good kind) when I read it, one reader wrote in response to a column on a personal topic.

I admire your courage in being willing to tell it like it is, another reader shared after reading a column chastising politicians for catering to special interests.

Wow! was the simple comment of yet another reader.